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Price: $23.90
(as of Jun 20,2021 00:49:37 UTC – Details)

These tokens have been specially designed for use in role playing games and feature a copper base with a curved glass top surface. There are 12 player tokens, one for each class in 5E Dungeons and Dragons. There are also 11 monster tokens with 6 different designs to represent a variety of enemies. Each token is 22mm in diameter with the large monster tokens being slightly bigger at 28mm.

Includes 12 player character (one for each class in 5E DnD).
Includes 11 monster tokens (with six different designs).
Tokens are made from curved glass with a copper base.
Regular tokens are 0.86″ and large monster are 1.1″ in diameter.
Also comes with a velvet drawstring storage bag.

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