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Put a guardian angel in your pocket. DANFORTH’s Vilmain Angel Pocket Coins come in a bag of 10 and can be used to spread good luck among your friends, family and possessions.

Harking back to the Catholic tradition of carrying a pocket token for good luck and as a touchpoint for faith and prayer, these exquisitely crafted coins can also uplift the spirits of today’s society.

These pewter coins serve a variety of purposes and can be used as party favors, gifts or to help those who are suffering with sadness, grief or depression. Each Guardian Angel coin easily slips into a pocket to provide hope and reassurance to the person who carries it.

These coins are commonly given out during religious holidays and events including Baptisms, Christenings, First Communions, Weddings, Easter and Christmas.

They can also be given to celebrate notable life events such as births, graduations, weddings, or to provide reassurance for events we dread such as military deployments, separations, divorces, career setbacks, hospitalizations or funerals. From party to get-well-soon gifts these coins will become enduring keepsakes.

At Danforth Pewter, our mission is to create finely crafted heirlooms that can be used every day and enjoyed for generations. Everything we make, from our ornaments and jewelry to kitchenware and home goods, is handmade by our local artisans in the heart of rural Vermont, where we design and create items that will enrich your life for years to come.

DANFORTH VILMAIN ANGEL POCKET TOKENS / COINS – This guardian angel good luck charm is meant to provide encouragement, support or act as a general pick-me-up. Each pocket charm measures 21x24x4mm and is made from US lead-free pewter. It comes in a pretty organza bag of 10.
HISTORY – The practice of carrying a pocket coin comes from the Catholic faith and is used as a good luck charm, to connect people to their faith and assist in prayer. It is often regarded as a spiritual keepsake.
USES – A guardian angel pocket coin is meant to be kept in your pocket or given to others. It can also be shared with others facing hardship including military deployments, as a get-well-soon gift or in times of loss including death and dying, funerals, memorials and remembrances.
GIFT – These pocket tokens make a beautiful spiritual gift and can be given for a multitude of uplifting religious holidays and events including Easter, Christmas, Confirmations, Communions, Baptisms or Christenings.
DANFORTH – All of our goods are handmade in Middlebury, Vermont by our team of local artisans, who cast, spin, polish, paint, and assemble raw metal to form the exquisite object you hold in your hands.

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