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The dragon’s lair is laden with mystery and treasure troves filled with coins and loot. Getting your hands on this treasure won’t be easy pickins by any stretch. Whether you crawl your way in stealthily or head straight into an unwelcomed skirmish, the money is worth it. From paying for your food and expenses to bartering weapons, spells and rare finds, you need your purse to be as heavy as possible to get all the advantage you need in the game.

We created these Dragon Coins with metal alloy and each coin is machine engraved to offer consistent details and finish quality. They resemble real-world coins and are a perfect and essential addition to your RPG game set whether you’re playing D&D or any other RPG.

So adding that “realistic” feel and sound to the coinage used in a game is just a fantastic boost to the environment, and one that now drives an upgrade obsession for you.

Coins are real metal fantasy coins 1 inch (25mm or 2.5cm) in diameter (which is almost the size of a US Quarter), and 2 mm thick.

Crafted from zinc alloy

What You Get:
– Dragon Coins * 50
– Dragon Eye Leather Pouch * 1
FLEXIBLE USE, ENDLESS FUN – These RPG coins can be used for lot of different applications. Fun to play fantasy card games with, throw at LARPs, party favors or make puzzles or currency stuff for D&D coinage with…and more. Increasing your fantasy funds can add depth to game play and open up the possibilities for new adventures!
FINELY CRAFTED, MEDIEVAL STYLIZED – All gaming coins are struck from high-quality zinc, electroplated with colored nickel, and coated with an antique finish. And depict the image of a dragon on the front and Viking compass on the back. Our d&d coins look, feel and even sound as if they’ve come directly out of a fantasy realm!
VALUE PACKAGE, REASONABLE PRICE – Our premium d&d accessories pack comes with 50 gold coins, and throw in a $11.99 dragon eye leather pouch. Look like real medieval fantasy coins and pouch is decent enough to carry in costume/game. You will love the feel of the weight & sound of coins when shaking the pouch.
GREAT GAMER GIFT, PERFECT COIN COLLECTION – Upgrade & enhance your board/tabletop game with these authentic old world style fantasy coins. Or just add to your coin collection! Very cool stuff for those wanting to add realism to their fantasy adventures. A perfect gift for DM/GM, gamer and dragon fans, or just treat yourself!

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