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Did your character just pull an amazing stunt? Did they just seduce the dragon how about jump off a cliff because it’s what my character would do!? What did you get from it apart from amazing memories? Nothing!!! Did your DM forget about 5e inspiration and lucky point or did you forget you had it right when you needed that advantage on a stealth check?

Worry no more! These tokens will help you keep track and remind your dm that you deserve an extra chance to avoid total party kills!

This set of 15 wooden tokens is a great way to track inspiration and lucky for your players.
Give your players the gift of an Inspiration Die!

Package Included:
– 5 x Lucky Clover Tokens
– 5 x Inspiration Tokens
– 5 x Dragon Tokens
Dimensions: 1.35 inch diameter, 1/10 inch thick.

Made with proof quality birch plywood. Wood grain and color may vary slightly from token to token.

EFFECTIVE WAY TO TRACK INSPIRATION & LUCKY: These d&d wooden tokens are a great way to track and spend inspiration or lucky points in your 5E campaigns. And it’s a cool way to track Action Points, Hero Points, Bennies or just as an off-the-cuff reward for great roleplaying. So much better than tracking inspiration or lucky on paper!
SET INCLUDES – Containing 15 fantastically detailed tokens: 5 x Lucky Clover Tokens with dice holder, 5 x Inspiration Tokens with dice holder and 5 x Dragon Tokens. This is a wonderful addition to your collection!
HIGH-QUALITY & WELL MADE: These wood coins are made of birch plywood and are finely by laser. Gorgeous, lightweight and great detail, feel good to hold in your hands. They make the game play better and will be commented on by all who see them.
PERSONALIZE YOUR COINS FOR CREATIVITY: The tokens are 3mm thick engraved onto birch plywood, they’re unfinished so they can be painted or stained if you’d like to customise them for each party member.
UNIQUE GIFT FOR DM & PLAYER: This is a great gift for your favorite Dungeon Master, your DM and the rest of the players will LOVE them, and they will be a nice little addition to the game. Upgrade your RPG session and reward your players for their excellent role-playing with these high-quality wooden tokens.

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