Glass Mason Jar Piggy Bank with Regular ...



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(as of Aug 01,2021 19:56:46 UTC – Details)

PInt size glass mason jar with slotted lid to use with good behavior tokens. Use for prizes, chore system and earning rewards. Potty training incentive, great in the classroom and play time as well. Great reward system for nannies, babysitters, grandparents and parents.

1 Smooth Pint Regular Mouth Mason Jar with 1 Piece Slotted Lid and Plastic Coins- Bulk (100 Pieces)
Glass mason jar 16 ounce. Silver or Gold lid (Color Varies)Made in USA. Not for use with food.
Give these plastic metallic coins 4 different colors to kids as classroom rewards when they’re “caught being good”. Let students trade these play coins for their favorite rewards from your treasure chest or use them as classroom incentives!
A fun reward for good behavior and a proven winner for parties and school events. This colorful coin collection features one side with a smiley face and the other side with an inscription reading I WAS CAUGHT BEING GOOD. Each 100 pieces in polybag. Ages 3+

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