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Price: $9.99
(as of Aug 01,2021 20:16:36 UTC – Details)

A Fifty (50) Piece set of Quality Blank Chipboard Diecut game tiles, perfect for your custom board game projects. Game Tiles measure 1” in diameter and have a thickness of 1.5 mm. Ideal as DIY chits, counters, tiles, markers, or tokens, these precision cut blank tiles add a professional touch to your board game prototype. These tiles fit perfectly into a single square on a Dungeons and Dragons Battle Mat, handy for marking traps, treasure, obstacles, or terrain. Chipboard is a thick, rigid, durable card stock well suited for game prototypes and projects. These Blank White Tiles, have a lightly coated front and a matte back. Use a permanent marker and great idea to bring your board game to life! Packed in a reusable clam shell case packaging to keep your tiles looking neat.

Value Pack of 50 DIY Board Game Markers, Chits, or Tiles
1.5mm Thick Durable Chipboard Diecuts
Fits perfectly on a D&D Battle Mat
Packed in a Handy Resealable Clam Shell Case

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