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Daniel Leib is Proud to Present Our Highly Realistic Spanish Doubloon Replicas

Take your costume, board game, or treasure hunt to the next level with these incredibly realistic and high-quality Doubloon Replicas!

Great for Gamers
If you are looking for a way to elevate all of your favorite board games, then look no further! These Golden Doubloons are excellent for a multitude of different board games. From Dungeons and Dragons, Puerto Rico, Gloomhaven, Age of Empires, Terra Mystica, or Great Western Trail, you are sure to fall in love with the realistic experience that only Daniel Leib can provide.

Perfect Party Addition
Whether you are looking for Doubloons the size of silver dollars or quarters, Daniel Leib has the perfect coin for you. Our Large Sized Replica Pirate Coins measure 30mm in diameter, and are perfect for your pirate costume or cosplay outfit, or other theme party or game night! With our included treasure bag, you are sure to fall in love with your Doubloon Treasure!

Realistic Gold and Coin Sound
Unlike other cheaper and low-quality Doubloon Replicas, ours are made with zinc, and covered with a chip-proof golden-colored paint. The zinc composition gives it that famous “Cha-ching” sound that you simply just can’t find with other lower-quality doubloon replicas. This also means that they are fully detectable with metal detectors. This makes our Doubloon Replicas the only option if you are looking for coins to use for a treasure hunt party!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
We are sure you will fall in love with your purchase. However, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Metal Pirate Coins, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team. We will immediately issue a refund or replacement to ensure our customers are fully satisfied!

Don’t Delay, Get Your Spanish Doubloon Replicas Today!

✅GREAT FOR GAMES: Whether you are playing Dungeons and Dragons / D&D, Puerto Rico, Gloomhaven, or Age of Empires, these metal coins are an excellent realistic touch to all of your favorite rpg games
✅PERFECT FOR PARTIES: Elevate your next costume or cosplay outfit to the next level with Leib Games Gold Doubloon Coins. Forget About Cheap plastic gold coins, opt for our gold coins novelty instead
✅GORGEOUS GOLD: Unlike others, our Spanish Doubloon Replicas are made from zinc and feature a shiny gold surface. This gives them that realistic “cha-ching” sound that you won’t find anywhere else. Our coins are great for treasure hunt, St. Patrick’s Day and St Patrick’s Day gold treasure chests, birthday parties, Halloween or Leprechaun trap bait, Also you can use the as Viking coins.
✅PERFECT TREASURE: Our Fake Gold Pirate Coins are detectable with a metal detector! This makes them the perfect treasure for a treasure hunt party. Our Large sized Fantasy coin measure 1.18″ diam.
✅HURRY BEFORE THESE PRIVATE, AMAZON-ONLY BONUS EXPIRES – FREE Lifetime Warranty ($13.46 value) Don’t chance it with a cheap plastic coins for kids proudly take these superior ancient coins !

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