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Price: $14.61
(as of Sep 25,2021 06:53:30 UTC – Details)

SafeNet OTP 110 token is an OATH-certified OTP hardware token that enables multi-factor authentication to a broad range of resources. Featuring time and event-based configurations and waterproof casing, the SafeNet OTP 110 can be used anywhere a static password is used today, improving security and allowing regulatory compliance with a broad range of industry regulations. Secure Access to Cloud, VPN and On Prem Resources OTP authentication helps organizations eliminate the risk associated with fixed passwords and increase the security of user access controls implemented to protect local network access, remote network (VPN) access, cloud-based applications, VDI, web portals and custom applications. Supported by SafeNet Trusted Access SafeNet OTP 110 is available with SafeNet Trusted Access, which is a cloud access management service that offers policy based access management and multi-factor authentication. Included in the subscription price per user is one hardware token (SafeNet OTP 110) or mobile token ( SafeNet MobilePASS or MobilePASS+). Features: OTP authentication device with LCD display, battery, and OTP generation button Time-sync and event-based configuration options Support for OATH TOTP and HOTP protocols Benefits: Cost effective with one token per user included in the SafeNet Trusted Access subscription price Lifetime warranty for the SafeNet OTP 110 is provided for the entire life of the SafeNet Trusted Access subscription, including free replacement (excluding shipping to Gemalto, a Thales company, facilities and any taxes). Like all SafeNet Trusted Access authenticators, the token never expires. Secure remote access to networks (VPNs), SaaS applications, VDI, web portals and custom applications Extremely portable, users can easily carry the device wherever business takes them Easy to manage with effortless back-end configuration, low maintenance, and long-lasting battery life Enables compliance with industry regulations

OTP token that provides secure remote access with strong authentication
Easy to use and easy to carry
Expected battery life is approximately 7 years

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